Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Different Positions On Copyright

The 'Girl Talk' musician has an un-agreed position with copyright laws. As he samples music and makes his own music with the samples, however he does acknowledge the people who he sampled from. He just thinks he would love to pay royalities and make no money as it would still be 'cool' to do. Yet if he had the money he would but he doesn't and it is just absered with the legal hassle you have to go through, it could take him too long just to do that. So thats why he samples without permission, as not enough money and the legal hassle would take too long, it is obvious he has this particular position as he samples music himself to make his own music. Another person in the film who had some similar beliefs was Lawerence Lessig, Creative Commons. He gives artist, if they need to make something with music in a commercial sense, the right to be able to do so. Lawerence has interesting points referring to books, how some books are just lying around for years after they are done and made all the money they can, so wouldn't it be a good thing if these books could get to kids and people to learn from. I feel he has this position as he writes books and helps artists to use sampled music, he related books to sampling music and feels it would be a good thing for the world to be able to have all this to them so much closer at home.

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